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Nov 22, 2018 Breaking NEWS!

Due to Potential Affiliation to Mugshots.com, Jason Watson Sabotage’s Gleybis Carrera’s Reputation Management

In Need Of FREE Mugshot Removal?

I can understand you most likely came because you need a solution to your Mugshot Removal problem.

So being that reputation management is one of my specialties you’re in luck! It is the intention of US Support LLC to ensure that everyone victimized by the Mugshot Extortion Syndicate is provided assistance.

We provide comprehensive tutorials, NEWS, and current state legislation on mugshot laws.

It is commonly asked of me if I provide my SEO services for the purpose of removing and suppressing content for clients.

So the short answer is yes, I do, However, because I consider this niche market criminal, I’m not pushing and promoting that service.

US Support LLC Sahar Sarid Thomas Keesee Were Booking Photo
Putting these two small frys down is a small drop in the bucket. Criminals like Jason Joseph Watson of US Support LLC own hundreds of slanderous domains

Who is behind this horrible crime?

The Worst Culprit of the Extortion Racketeer is Jason Joseph Watson!

You’re asking yourself, “So why did this Sean fellow pick US Support LLC for a name?”

That’s a fair question, and the answer quite simply is because it wasn’t my choice.

The primary purpose of this website is to spread awareness of Mugshot Extortion while providing resolution to the impacted!

You’re probably confused because of this answer I’m sure!

Well my friend, so that we’re on the same page, the website name is an evil twin of a mugshot extortionist’s money site.

Origin of Mugshots

The term mugshot originated from the slang term mug, referencing someone’s face. As a result of the invention of the camera, booking photos started showing as early as the 1840s. according to wikia

In an effort to avoid criminal charges for extortion, criminals create two different websites. The criminal extortion racketeer Jason Watson named the domain of his domain for payment collections US Support LLC.

Because the lifeline of any business model, whether criminal or legitimate is money, it became our focal point.

So That Still Leave’s One Question Unanswered.

So the next question you have naturally is WTF is an evil twin?

Google uses an algorithm to determine what is the most relevant results for an individual when they input search queries.

So one of the factors for determining a websites search relevance is its domain name.

Because we intend to put an end to this parasitic industry, we’ve matched our enemies domain!

These parasites among society are no strangers of the evil twin exact match data.

Because where do you think I learned such an SEO technique?

Mr. Jason Watson purchased a domain in my name for the purpose of slander the day I voiced my objection to his slandering my name!

It’s ok though, because of his terroristic harassment, my SEO and social media platform skills are a force of reckoning!

Millions of Americans arrested are determined innocent. are later determined to be innocent, this criminal practice of Mr.Watson’s extortion business is atrocious. One out of every three Americans is arrested by the time they are 23 years old.

Innocent or Guilty Money is Money

Because these criminals don’t care whether or not you’re innocent they will post any booking photos regardless. In fact, almost all mugshot racketeers go so far as to put juvenile mugshots online!

Most good-hearted parents upon discovering their child ’s booking photo would pay any amount of money to minimize the photos impact. That is exactly why these scoundrels do it because morals would only slow you down in their industry.

Because they don’t care that publishing juvenile booking photos expose them to sexual assault and identity theft.

The Begining

When county jails began placing digital photos of the incarcerated online, it wasn’t their intention for criminal exploitation to occur.

Unfortunately, the trend over the last several years is to utilize technology and live stream media in evil, criminal ways!

The Extortion Racketeering business of mass spamming mugshots formed in 2013.

Many of these individuals would have you believe the purpose of their mass hoarding of booking photos good intentioned.

However, if that was the case, then why do they find it necessary to spew this filth all over every social platform?

Because their intentions are evil, and they want to negatively impact their potential hosts in any way possible!

Why Do You Care Mr? US Support LLC CEO?

Because the battle to end mugshot extortion not only has affected friends and family, it affects me personally. My decision to become a heroin and Amphetamine dealer I made alone.

So I take full accountability for those actions and I’ve paid my dues to society. Despite 90% of all convicted drug dealers immediately reoffending I refuse!

I never sold to children, I never did anyone dusty, so the five years of slanging and banging, I had no idea it was a mistake. The mistake was putting my mother and sister through seeing me in prison. Because although it should have been the hardest on me, it really hurt my mom! And that’s why the gangster life was fun, but it will never be for me again.

Despite going through seemingly endless trials and tribulations one amazing quote came from my neighbor Thomas in prison:

The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times but get up eight times.

-Paul Coehlo

So while it’s true that no one should have to be further oppressed and ridiculed by scum, it is the reality. But to my oppressor’s credit and cruelty, I owe him thanks. Thank you, Mr. Watson of US Support LLC, for being so violating and without morals, because I learned! I learned so much about how a white collar criminal executes dirty and grimy Black Hat SEO tactics.

Because of this experience, I know what it is I have to do to destroy your business and restore justice in this modern day world. So much that I have been able to help many of my friends with their reputation management issues. Furthermore, all of the beautiful art made by inmates will be used for a good cause. Their ability to reenter society without judgment and the oppressive slander from people like you!

So thanks everyone who visits this domain, all of its knowledge and beautiful art is open to you! God bless you all!

Charge Forward

These criminals stop at nothing to get ahead!

Tactics such as.
  • Fraudulent Addresses
  • Accepting Bribes from child molesters
  • Exposing children to sexual assault and identity theft.

Pedophile Bribery At It’s Worst!

Is DUI Offender Jason Watson AKA Chomo Bribes A NAMBLA Sympathizer?

Reputation management

According to google costs $48 a click!
GooGle the biggest culprit!

Facebook All about slander!

Twitter is heavily used specifically for manipulating serps for slander!!

nine times out of ten, the mugshot removal people, are the fraudsters themselves!

bottom line, the best person to remove slander from your google index, is you!

what can you do? How bout relax!

91% of Google Searches

End on the first page! Because half of them don’t even make it past the third result, one thing is clear, or about to bet!

IF you get rid of results off your first page, your good!

US Support LLC Mugshot Extortionist Jason Joseph Watson in 3d goggles smoking cigar
Jason Watson can be seen smoking a cuban cigar in his favorite 3-D racketeering goggles in this framed picture.

Save your money

Don’t pay these people under any circumstances! Because they have dozens of slandering domains, they will keep extorting and pressuring you forever!

Reputations is a life long process

Because in this day and age, privacy is earned not guaranteed, it’s time to step into the ring and fight for ours back!

what an epiphany!

Handle it yourself put fate in your hands, not money in the mugshot mans!

Its way easier than you think!

I have already done the hard part for you by researching the process of diluting and pushing undesired content off the map!

you must

Create Your Own Opportunity!

Because if we don’t, then the world is in a lot of trouble! If we allow these corporations to continue to run the world, who knows what civility is next on the menu!

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