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Because With A Blog…

So comprehensive, and ruthless, it will become the Blog that murdered the mugshot industry!

Mugshot Removal Reputation Management

Reputation Management and Mugshot Removal so effective, it eventually pushes slander beyond result 100 and off the map! We wont rest until we bring all racketeer members to justice!

Mugshot Removal Guide

The ideal starting point because our Free Mugshot Removal Guide will verify if your state has Prohibition laws.

Reputation Management

Check out our reputation management 101 walkthrough so you are filled in on some important fundamentals!

Mugshot Removal Guide

Information Gathering is an essential first step so we can begin the process of either removing or outranking content.

Mugshot Removal Guide

Outranking the industry with Fortification Through Web Property Hoarding will be a breeze reading this article!

New Article September 29th, 2018

Nuke Slandering Slime Balls!

If you are following along with my Reputation Management multi-series, then this is an article you won’t want to miss!

So join us on an in-depth view in attacking and defending against modern day black hat censorship and platform automation abuse.

News & Events

Because we’re the most resourceful and informative when it comes to bringing you the latest in Mugshot News!

Proving you with the newest in legislation, and scandal within the industry! So be sure to bookmark us!

Edmund Tauk Jihadist Extremist or Mugshot Extortionist?

Because whether or not Edmund Tauk is a Jihadist Extremist or Mugshot Extortionist is no long the question. So the new question is how business is now that we’re in his index?

Enabling Mugshot Masturbation?

Because it’s evident people are swacking off to babes, but when Jason Watson posts juvenile offenders is he Enabling Pedophile Mugshot Masturbation? If so, what should be done to ?

The Path Collection

The Path Collection, (Prison Art Touching Hearts) is a wonderful collection of art that shows just how resourceful incarcerated individuals can truly be when they are a true artist!

PodCast Episodes

Now you’re sure to get the latest updates on the war on Mugshot Extortion because we’re Featured on Google Play and Itunes!


Mugshot Extortion Debut Podcast I

WVJails Gets KTFO! Podcast II

Mugshot Removal Compendium Released! Podcast III

A Closer Look At Supposed News Syndication PodCast IV

09-26-2018 DMCA Doomsday Podcast V

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