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Free Mugshot Removal Guide

Not just ex-cons benefit from our Free Mugshot Removal guide because nearly a third of all arrestees are never charged. So that means many people are actually innocent and being extorted as a result of the extortion racket!


Amongst the 10 million Americans arrested each year, approximately 25% go to prison as a result. So with a five-year recidivism rate of 76.6% the revolving door of the department of corrections doesn’t need further burdening.

So evident is the fact mugshot publishers are not only societies enemy, they are parasites!

“ Know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Know The Enemy

The slang term Mugshot originates from old English “Mug” which refers to someone’s face. Booking photos taken of prisoners started as early as the 1840s according to the Mugshot Extortion Wikia.

It wasn’t until our current century that this industry was ever considered monetizable. This occurs Because of the anonymity, the internet provides individuals. Naturally, extortionists are cowardly creatures because they certainly wouldn’t have the audacity to perform these heinous acts in person.

Furthermore, even these criminals would agree that intruding on someone’s job interview or rental agreement they’re signing with background information is obscene!

However, that is precisely what mugshot publishers are doing as a result of utilizing technology in such a manner. So when they try to convince you their intentions aren’t for extortion and monetization from Google Adsense clicks they’re lying. The spamming onto social platforms and flooding Googles index with booking photos creates the artificial need for Mugshot  Removal.

True criminals among society are restrained only by fear of consequence, Not the moral ethics of their actions.

So this means our mutual enemy is either a sociopath or a psychopath that lacks empathy. Because we come to this natural conclusion being foolish and approaching them like I did with Jason Watson is a horrible idea!

The chart below shows the total numbers of individuals throughout the US Mr. Watson is currently slandering.

Free Mugshot Removal | Total Arrests 2006-2016

Total Mugshot Count: 14,368,881

As a result of needing to artificially create a market for mugshot removal services, this is the total count on Jason Watson’s Domains. Because Jason understands databases, someone knowledgeable like him can move millions of mugshots to a new site within an hour!

Mugshot Removal Infographic of total booking photos on Jason Watson's domains

Mugshot Extortion Kingpins

Allow me to shed some light on some of the bigger culprits, they may look familiar because everyones seen or heard of them!

So don’t let their family environment speel fool you!
Furthermore, Facebook’s only genuine concern is to keep users online, and steal all their precious data to sell to affiliates!
Recently they actually gave out verification badges to several extortionist fan pages!

Google takes the cake because when it comes to catering to extortionists and making it necessary to create this Free Mugshot Removal Guide.

Between Facebook, Google and Twitter, they were most likely the pioneers of the 1st amendment canned email response.

Because Twitter is a den for all manner of criminality, quite naturally it also is home to extortionists.

There are 2 main entities that heavily utilize the twitter platform.
Jason is the first whom recently got suspended temporarily. The second main criminal is Wakesmugshots, child extortionist scum!

Mugshot removal | 4 step slander defamation process
Future Slander Victim Gets Arrested
Booking Photo is Taking with the intent of being destroyed days after release
Extortionist data Mines booking photo and arrest record to index it in Google.
Mugshot Removal | Booking Photo Flooded Onto Social Media

Google’s Supposed Algorithm Change In 2013

As a result of numerous complaints and media hype, Barry Schwartz’s Search Engine Article announces Google’s release of a new algorithm. Because of the hype caused by Jonathan Hochman, and the outraged people demanding for Mugshot Removal Matt Cutts made an announcement.

It was alleged by Google’s Matt Cutts that they were working to modify the algorithm to push mugshot publishing sites farther down in search results. However, this supposed change didn’t seem to have a name like EVERY SINGLE OTHER ALGORITHM CHANGE!

So why exactly am I implicating Google did nothing whatsoever in terms of attempting to alleviate this parasitic niche? Because it’s the conclusion you come to when they respond with generic emails stating, ” we’re unable to assist as the photo is protected by the first amendment.”

Furthermore, Google would be shooting themselves in the foot by removing the content. Because they’re making $51 per click for Reputation Management, and just under $12 for Mugshot Removal!

So The Algorithm Wasn’t Fixed?

That isn’t for me to decide so I’ll let you be the judge. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to dismiss such an abundance of compelling evidence!

This image shows 3 juveniles that showed up as number one in Google as a result of a super-powered tweet from WakeMugshots. Many consider this individual to be the most sophisticated and skilled in this criminal syndicate.

He devastated these individuals chance of having a future in a matter of hours! Furthermore, because he puts the full address of these juveniles online, he is exposing them to the likely possibility they will be a victim of identity theft.

The Google Mugshot Algorithm Hard At Work

Social Profiles

Due to social sites having open accessibility, Google doesn’t rank them in the same manner as websites. So to get our social profile indexed in Google, we’ll first need to win in SEO on that website! Because generally only one or two individuals will rank in a key-phrase within Google.. By default, any keyword wi ll generally only allow a web domain to be included in the results 2 times. So in the situation, several users are competing for the same username, prior to Google’s judgment, the social media site will be the first judge!

What the strongest or possibly only important social signal is, will vary dependent upon Google’s algorithm. For example, on Facebook, likes are the superpower that determines social strength. Several thousand likes on a fan page could potentially grant it ridiculous authority.

So now when you go to use a favorite or like on Twitter, aside providing social proof to your audience it’s useless. That’s because, on Twitter, the superpower social signal is the retweet! So when it comes to Reputation Management and Mugshot Removal, knowing a platforms metrics and how to optimize your account profile is crucial!

Mugshot Legislation Regarding State Laws

Because we certainly won’t work any harder than necessary, before beginning the process of Mugshot Removal, we’ll go over some state legislation. Doing so prior to investing time is a smart idea! Because you might get lucky and live in a state with helpful laws that ultimately simplify the process.


As a result of California’s S.B. 1027, it took effect on January 1st, 2015. It’s pretty weak because it targets only the payment for mugshot removal. The penalty should the website actually not be doing a payment on a separate domain. (All of them do)

Furthermore, California law fails to even offer a mailing takedown request like some of the other states. It mandates the victim must file a civil suit so judicial process even begins. The penalty if found guilty of publishing booking photos and requiring (Which will never happen) is whichever is greater $,1000 or actual damages.

So we got good NEWS Arizona! Because of Representative Kevin Payne of Peoria, AZ,  S.B. 2191 has Dual Partisanship, and looking promising to become a law!


Colorado Law 24-72-305.5 was approved and as a result took effect on March 26th, 2015. The law is a most unfortunate example of what happens as a result of poorly writing laws. Because the lobbyists were so rushed to get the extortionists banned they only attacked half of the problem.

The Booking photo publishers now barred from charging a removal fee on their fake secondary removal sites, just refuse to offer removal period! The problem is that as a result of the lawmaker’s oversight, they left open the extortionists a means to monetize with Google Adsense.

As previously mentioned, Google is the kingpin amongst the Mugshot Extortionists. A good portion of the profits generated from mugshot publishing websites comes from being paid by on-site advertisers.


Florida’s Senate Bill no.118 was signed and approved on June 19, 2017, by Governor Rick Scott.

This law fails in aiding prior felons because it solely focuses on the arrestees that have had their record disseminated.

The law requires a removal of booking photos or records within 10 days of an official request being sent by standard mail.

If the publisher fails in mugshot removal by the end of the 10 day grace period they must pay a fine.

The cost of the fine is $1,000 per day after failing to comply with the mailed written request. 🤗

(Furthermore, kudos to whoever devised the stipulation on the notification being sent standard mail. Because I’ve yet to see ANY of these pricks give a real address ROFL) 😂

States With Prohibition

California Maryland South Dakota
Colorado Missouri Texas
Florida New Jersey Utah
 Georgia Ohio Vermont
Illinois Oregon Virginia
Kentucky South Carolina Wyoming


Who would have known, because I wouldn’t have guessed that Georgia lawmakers would straight up crush it with Mugshot Removal Section 35-3-37! Effective since May 6, 2013, this law requires the following to be mailed to the publishing site in a written removal request:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Arrest
  • Name of Arresting Law Enforcement Agency

So upon mailing the request, the website will have 30 days to comply with the removal or it violates Georgia’s Fair Business Practices act. Should the publishing site fail to comply with the next step in the process is to contact the Georgia Department of Law’s Consumer Protection Unit.

So, you’re probably wondering what’s the reason I was amped up about how they “Crushed It?” Because not only did they proactively create this law to aid individuals in the removal process they went a step farther! As a result of numerous complaints, county jails in Georgia now refrain from publishing booking photos online!

The General Assembly has limited access to any booking photographs. So access is given only to those who are:

  • 1. Not using the photo for purposes for written publication or website publication; and
  • 2. the person trying to obtain the photograph is not asking for the removal or deletion of the booking photograph in exchange for money. Law Enforcement agencies now can only release photographs to individuals who sign a statement affirming that the use of the photograph will NOT be for purposes of mugshot websites.


The Public Act H.B.619 was signed on 8/4/2017 as a result of the Mugshot Removal epidemic in the area. This law should be quite effective because the angle of attack is to directly impede upon individuals obtaining photos. There are a couple of exceptions that can obtain permission to obtain photos so their use is legitimate.

The primary exception is for corrections officers and law enforcement to have access to it.The intended purpose of a mugshot was so they had a means for the public to identify them should they escape.

UPDATE: 08/30/2018 Governor Bruce Rauner signed a Bill into Law requiring new information clearing individuals from charges to be updated by mugshot sites within 5 days to clear the individual’s name or pay $100 per day penalty. The law is scheduled to take effect in 2019 so be ready!


An article entry dating February 19, 2016, indicates that Rep. Gerald Watkins of Paducah passed HB 132 (BR 891). The legal document states:

“It is prohibited for a person to publicize a booking photograph for commercial purposes if that photograph will be posted in a publication or on a Web site, and the removal of the booking photograph requires the payment of a fee or other consideration; amend KRS 61.870 to define “booking photograph”.

Unfortunately, because the law wasn’t written as thorough as needed, the, the publishers now simply refuse to remove any photos in Kentucky. So this oversight still allows the profiteering and monetization of mugshots through affiliate partnerships. Furthermore, Google’s Adsense is in the mix of  affiliate partners in the mix! 🙄


Maryland’s H.B.744 covers you whether charges were never filed or as they’re removed as a result of expungement.

The law requires an individual to send written notice or by email if the host has a secure SSL/TLS connection. After a sending the notice, the site owner will have 30 days to remove and respond to the notice so the inquirer can confirm the removal. The law has been in effect since May 12, 2015.

As a result of violating the terms of Hous Bill 744, each subsequent violation is a fine no greater than $5,000.

407.1151 and 407.1152 essentially begin their process with an official written request of the  Mugshot Removal. The publisher is allowed 30 days to remove the content or find themselves in violation of Missouri law as a result. So not only will this work for mugshot websites but additionally news journalists and anyone else profiting from their dissemination.

As a result of a publishers failure to comply with the written request, it is considered a criminal misdemeanor offense. Recent court cases involving these particular acts have been filed against Mr. Edmund Tauk for extortion. If all goes well, Lawyer Justin Meehan could quite possibly the first lawyer in Missouri to hem up a racketeer member!

New Jersey

So too has New Jersey attempted to attack the problem faced in America of former felons seeking employment. Because of nearly 70 million Americans being impacted by a criminal records accessibility. While its understood public record should always be accessible, it should not be a deterrent for potential employers.

So the revolving door as previously stated is bad enough as is, on March 1, 2015, A1999 AKA Opportunity To Act took effect.
The new law mandates that prospective employers:

  • Does not require anyone applying to provide a criminal record
  • Agrees not to inquire verbally or orally about a applicants criminal past. The law defines the “initial employment application process” is concluded once the employer has conducted a first interview for the job application.
  • Employers are not allowed to advertise job positions stating applicants will not be considered because of a criminal record.

Employers with 15 or more employees will be held liable to follow the requirements listed above. As a result of failing to comply with the requirements listed above will result in:

  • 1st offense will result in a fine as much as $1000.
  • 2nd offense by an employer failing to comply can result in a fine no greater than $5000.
  • 3rd offense and all violations proceeding will be fined up to $10,000 as a result of their violations.


So Ohio’s H.B.6 does effectively force Mugshot Removal in the event of the person being wrongfully accused, it fails those amongst social reform. The structure of this law differs from other states because it’s essentially saying if a website is inaccurate or negligent they’re burnt!

In order to activate the law’s effectiveness, it does require the individual to press a forward with a civil lawsuit. For each solicited request of payment for removal the offending website owner is liable to pay $10,000! Because of that 10 rack payout, money hungry lawyers chasing a quick payday make for sharky waters!


Because it’s just not quite a party until someone pisses off Oregon, and they show up! So initially, it seems when the legal issue is mugshot removal, laws definitely leave felons out in the dark for the most part.

Because they’re attempting to be a little bit more adaptive, the law also applies to expunged records. After so much time has elapsed, you can request that a record is sealed or expunged (I guess us felons are dirtbags in Oregon, at least for 3-7 years ROFL!)

Law HB3467 allows the publishing company 30 days from the date the official request was written and mailed to comply with removing the content.

The penalty was slightly difficult to locate, as it was not where the law was initially published. (Seems to be a pattern of this) When I did locate the civil offense it is quite game-breaking despite not being criminal. Should the company or individual running the site fail in assisting with  a Mugshot Removal or publish the is no more than $25,000! That’s a solid kick to the pocketbooks!

South Carolina

As a result of S.C. Code Section 17-1-60, it is considered a crime to:

  • To obtain or attempt to obtain Booking photos or arrest records for the purpose of monetization as a result of their removal.
  • Anyone who chooses to publish these records must be willing to remove them upon request without a fee.
  • Government employees cannot provide someone booking photos or arrest records for the purpose of charging for their removal.

To violate this is a criminal offense, and as a result is punishable
by up to 60 days in jail, and a fine of up to $1000.

South Dakota

So the reason South Dakota doesn’t have a whole lot to worry about in regards to Mugshot Removal is due to how difficult obtaining them is. Because each mugshot has to be requested individually, lazy parasites can’t RSS feed them automatically. 🤗😂So essentially, as long as it isn’t some breaking news controversy, chances are you won’t be victimized!

Furthermore, the KSFY’s article quotes,

“Mugshots will only be disseminated for felonies and can only be requested for six months after the person was arrested.”

So go ahead and suck on that Mugshot MAN! 😘

Texas Law

So we’ll go ahead and start off by saying people make mistakes, I get it. However, make sure you make those mistakes in another state. Because if you think the cowboy/cowgirl in a Texan stops at the 6 shot revolver, BIG MISTAKE!

Furthermore, in all my minutes of researching law information, they have some of the most thorough law writers in the nation!

So that having been said, Mugshot Removal laws are no exception to the rule! If you even think for a second, that because this is only a civil matter, these colors don’t run! Better believe they’re packing something, and they’ll run you out of town, in a zig-zag pattern! 😅

The S.B.1289 was written by a master of the judicial system! So try as you may, you will not find a hole or chip in their armor!

Not only does the new law stop racketeering, it forces legitimate reporters and journalists to maintain accuracy!

After 30 days of the written notice provided to the publisher, if removal isn’t provided it’s bad news. $500 juicing mugshot man every day.

Furthermore, they will get the attorney general to hunt your ass down, and charge you their fees on TOP!

So don’t leave booking photo messes down in Texas son!


H.B. 408 prohibits county sheriffs from providing a copy of a booking photograph to a person if the photograph will be placed in a publication or posted on a website that requires a payment in order to remove the photograph.

requires a person requesting a copy of a booking photograph to sign a statement that 16 the photograph will not be placed in a publication or on a website that requires payment in order to remove the photograph. Furthermore, provides a criminal penalty for a false statement.


No direct prohibition laws for mugshots exist, however, because booking photos aren’t publically released of the accused the market is nil. Because of proper handling and awareness of the parasitic mugshot syndicate, the process cannot be automated.

As a result of the booking photos being difficult to acquire short of manual inquiry, these lazy bums have thrown in the towel!


While not the most inefficient attempts at prohibition laws, Virginia’s SB 720 fails to stop affiliate ad monetization of the extortion mugshot websites. Because like several others, the design of the law attacks the monetization for Mugshot Removal.

The law indicates that individuals and businesses found profiteering from booking photo removal will be forced to pay a fine. Fines would be between $500 or if as a result of the defamation the damages exceeded $500 whichever number was greater. Furthermore, the publisher would be responsible for the victim’s court costs.

The trend of failing laws seems to be due to the fact they don’t want to hinder Free Press. Because it isn’t anyone’s intention to prevent news articles nor stop the website monetization for these news publishers. So in conclusion, you want to ensure all your state’s lobbying efforts aren’t fruitless with a poorly written law.


So Wyoming is yet another state that passed legislation only aiding innocent unconvicted arrestees with SF0053. So the law mandates publishers must remove the content upon receipt of the written mailed request within 30 days.

Furthermore, one major item this law is failing to provide in addition to protecting felons is the penalty! The penalty upon exceeding 30 days of non-compliance taking down the content, is not listed on the law.

This quite naturally leads me to believe that the consequence of violating this Mugshot Removal law isn’t very substantial. So, if you should happen to be an ill-informed mugshot peddler, assume it’s the death penalty! 😂

I get it, different state, so that means do things differently than the other 49 states and throw non natives for a loop.

As a result of lacking Wyoming failing to include a penalty with their law, Wyoming leaves us all confused!

Know Yourself 

So now fully aware of all prohibition laws, we find no legislation to back up our removal what’s our next step?

Just because of defamation being in our index and on a site we don’t control, the battle is far from over. The process by which we conduct Mugshot Removal is commonly known as Reputation Management.

Our website provides a comprehensive multi-series tutorial entirely for free so we can end this criminal market! Furthermore, I have made the first part of the series into an Ebook.

So if you would like a free copy of that it’s available to you entirely for free by signing up for our newsletter.

Our newsletter although infrequent anything I send out is definitely valuable, for example, legislation updates and News on dismantling the industry!

Portrait of Mugshot Removal Author Sean Gugerty
Sean Gugerty is a blogger, Web Designer and SEO Consultant living in Tucson, Arizona.

About The Author

I’m a Web Designer and SEO consultant respected throughout the MOZ community as a specialist and leader of the industry.

I’ve had a variety of work experience prior to my encounter with the judicial system. Jobs ranging from middle management positions, clerical, data entry, and Account Management for the Sears and Exxon portfolios at CitiBank.

I personally have been through a horrible experience and have aggressively fought to abolish this criminal industry and the scum profiteers within it. Because I know first hand how much hardship having an online stalker and individual committing defamation of your character causes.

So if you have any questions whatsoever please do not hesitate to email me and God Bless!

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