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Jason Joseph Watson

Jason Joseph Watson

DOB: 07/30/1977
Age: 41
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Extort Minors: Yes
Pedophile Payoffs: Yes
Location: Clarksburg, WV

Mugshot Racketeer Jason Joseph Watson Added on 05/12/2018 because of heinous crimes against millions of Americans. Said to be one of the worst amongst the scum due to his methods of criminal hacking and fraudulent schemes.

In addition to his main Extortion sites, Mr. Watson owns several hundred web properties. Ranging from credential harvesters for stealing usernames and passwords to medical marijuana ID id theft. Mr. Watson’s primary mechanism of slander is accomplished by spewing his filth through several hundred social media accounts.

Jason Joseph Watson commits several federal offenses using hacking techniques to illegally acquire SEO benefits. A common trend of this individual is to backlink domains using SQL injection vulnerable web apps and creating do-follow URLs back to his domain.

Mr. Watson has even used this method to hack Google’s Austrian server directly for the purpose of SEO benefits.

Domains Owned By Jason Joseph Watson

Jason Joseph Watson Slander Websites

Jason isn’t the first Watson to be involved in criminal activity, because criminality has been in his family for generations. In his defense for originality, he is, the first that commits atrocity using web properties!

Jason has been a long time failing web developer, some of his unattractive grotesque domains dating back to 2002 within Archive.org. The first person to begin the process of tracking the criminal Jason Joseph Watson’s domains was Norman Haga. When Norman conducted his sweep of this scoundrel’s domains, Watson had dozens of domains for each individual state and county.

So many of these domains still remain, however, they hardly resemble websites. (not that they ever actually did!) Watson redirects some of the domains directly to affiliates that utilize malware. Amongst the pile of wreckage, Watson created a crude PBN. (Private Blog Network)

Mr. Jason Watson Loves Committing Multiple Crimes!

In addition to many alleged instances of online stalking and cyberbullying, Mr. Watson also has a criminal record as a result of a DUI. Furthermore, no mugshot appears to be available for the charge.

Anonymous information received by email alleged that Mr. Watson almost ran over a child in a crosswalk during the offense. Unlike his victims, after a quick no contest trial, he served no prison time nor a felony charge.


  • Offender: Jason Joseph Watson
  • Charge: DUI Drugs 1st Offense
  • Offender ID: YT180455404177953309299TRC0044119990201
  • County: Shelby
  • State: Ohio
  • Case Number: 99TRC00441
  • Disposition: NG TO NC ORIG CHG

Tweeted Fanmail For Jason Joseph Watson


 Because being a douche has dire consequences! So choosing to follow in the footsteps of Jason Watson would be ill-advised. Furthermore, just because something is legal, doesn’t make it justified, nor does it mean that it is without consequences.

So I understand having morals and ethics guide your actions could be a foreign concept for a sociopath/psychopath. However, even ones with the most extreme of narcissism would still have logical thought and know that people would relentlessly seek revenge.

Having a wife and 2 children while poking fun at someone with a criminal past who has absolutely nothing to lose is what idiots do. There is this thing in life called a write-off, so basically what you do is count your losses and move on.

Because no matter how much damage you cause someone of this mans stature unless you kill him, its gonna be hell on earth for you!

The primary purpose of mimicking a disclaimer notice commonly found on an extortion site is so I can make a point.

Because Google doesn’t seem to know what duplicate content is, and apparently condones someone taking regurgitated records, and filling a page with nonsense.

As long as they make 51 bucks a click everyone wins right? 

Jason Joseph Watson
Address: 7101 Smoke Ranch Rd Apt 2103 
Las Vegas NV 89128-3170
Land Line Phones: (202) 324-2273 | (304) 623-1642
Mobile: (304) 203-0600

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