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Because of the sheer lack of professionalism and personal attacks against Charles Dion McDowell, these  Big Necked Mugshot CyberBullies need identifying.

Furthermore, I would literally be disgusted with myself if I was a journalist after the seemingly nationwide bullying of Mr. McDowell. So in case you’ve been left in the dark, which I would find pretty much impossible, as this man’s mugshot was shared over 256,000 times. 

Due to the fact I’m not exactly an advocate of mugshot extortion, I only saw it once in my Facebook friend circle. First of all, rest assured in the fact, I completely flipped!

Expressing my difference in opinions to ECSO  Big Necked Mugshot CyberBullies

So After locating the source of the slander, I had to see it for myself. Many posts on their page revolved around the local community. So I was somewhat shocked they were the source! Because they were so community oriented, I wanted to make sure I expressed my concerns! 😝

Big Necked Mugshot Cyberbullies source AKA Google.

So if you have not already read our Reputation Management section, it explains Google’s Adwords and how Google profiteers off extortion.

Naturally, because search engines are where internet users search for specific terms, it’s prime real estate for everything! In fact, the main reason mugshot publishers use social media is because they’re attempting to gain leverage in search results.

So according to Search engine Land, dating back to October of 2013, Google allegedly pushed out a Mugshot algorithm. Furthermore, they didn’t name this particular update, (like every single algorithm they’ve ever released).

Naturally, I think they did no such thing because it would be shooting themselves in the foot to do so! Granted, Sundar Pichai is a patsy in comparison to Mark Zuckerberg, they’re both bullet catchers.

Mark Zuckerberg a Big Necked Mugshot Cyberbully
Sundar Pichai Net worth Of Big Necked Mugshot CyberBullies

FaceBook was the arbiter of the alleged big neck mugshot.

First of all, the fact that this “viral mugshot” started on Facebook, shows how powerful News websites are. Because when you search for the keyphrase “Charles Dion McDowell” the entire 1st 2 pages of Google are burying Facebook with News domains.

Twitter surprisingly has about 10{cc50721a7618f4e674dec2b49e3026a3970c787f07ca0046a6fa91bbc4626467} of its userbase defending the poor guy, none the less very much contributing to the slander. So Twitter has banned a few of Jason Watson’s biggest accounts, however many still remain.

Who Is Jason Watson?

Mr. Jason Watson is one of the biggest players in the extortion racket currently with somewhere between 200 and 1000 domains. Amongst this pack of Big Necked Mugshot CyberBullies, he is definitely one of the most dangerous and will stop at nothing to accomplish criminal acts.

Because the Facebook platform approved Jason’s verification status, he is now enabled to operate unhindered on Zuckerberg’s platform. Furthermore, Jason posts booking photos of children and extorts parents. As a result, they are exposed to sexual assault and identity theft.

This clearly shows the alleged claims of Zuckerberg as to Facebook being for families to be absurd.

Serve and Protect?

Sheriff David Morgan, the man who made the executive decision to share the Big Necked Mugshot CyberBullies
David Morgan, Tenured Sheriff who likes neck jokes more than judicial reform. He also supports identity theft.

Look, I get it, these fellas got some media attention and spotlight, it felt good I’m sure. So I’m sure Mr. Morgan made a slight oversight and didn’t realize the magnitude of what he was doing. In conclusion, hopefully, you see this poor guy with a health condition and a drug problem needs help.

Who knows. maybe you can promote his reentry into society this time so he doesn’t reoffend in the future.  That would genuinely be helping your community out rather condone bullying.

Because the revolving door is already bad enough as it is. Furthermore, broadcasting booking photos and leaving public records open to data mining is not an acceptable practice. So just like you shred your mail, you should also not leave records vulnerable, and definitely not for entertainment value.

When I looked at your Sheriff’s home page, I see individuals who care about their community. So I just hope my message is received and you take necessary action. Thank you and God bless.

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