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STL Mugshots Lied!

So after numerous denials in interviews with Chris Hayes
Edmund Benjamin Tauk has now admitted to being the owner of
STL Mugshots!

You can ask any resident of St Louis, because it’s common knowledge who owns the infamous slander site.
That’s because a good majority of individuals Tauk was victimizing were monetized with cash in hand! 😂

So having done our research into current mugshot laws throughout the US we are baffled by  the practices of this website owner. Because ironically enough, Missouri is actually  the only state in the US where mugshot extortion is considered to be a criminal offense!

Consequently, Missouri is the one state in America you can get prosecuted criminally for Mugshot Extortion. Mr. Tauk takes great risk and goes to extreme lengths to pay for his child bearing sugar baby for certain! Other industry scumbags know better than to show their face. But STL Mugshots CEO ever so boldly takes money to remove Arrestees shameful photos!

Facts About Tauks Slander Site

December 12, 2018 Edmund Tauk Purchases STL Mugshots

The Domain Gets About 200 Thousand Visitors A Month

The website uses a reverse proxy through GoDaddy to hide the owners identity

This made it difficult to prove Mr. Tauk was the owner. Luckily, the savvy Attorney Justin Meehan was able to obtain the address using a court ordered Subpoena

Edmund Uses High DA Sites Like Pinsdaddy, ThePinsta, and Pinstake to Syndicate Images to increase their ranking.

You’d think because of their names that these were domains utilized like the social profile pinterest. This unfortunately isn’t the case, but rather their use is mutually shared amongst mugshot website owners.

It’s Been One Hell Of A Ride!

So where does one begin to explain the epic journey the last couple months have been battling STL Mugshots? It began as a result of receiving an email from my brethren amongst the Right to be Forgotten

I was told of the mugshot war in Missouri and of a lawyer attempting to pin the website to Edmund Tauk’s ownership. To be honest I was so surprised that such an absurd dilemma was actually delaying potential history!

So should the conviction succeed, Mr. Ed Tauk will be the first to be charged in Missouri with this misdemeanor offense! Despite a few bumps in the road in the early developments, it seems to be headed towards a victory.

The man conducts business in a very similar criminal fashion as Jason Watson. Putting this Missouri specimen under the microscope illuminates the obviousness of a much larger overseer orchestrating the industry entirely!

While drug offenses result in arrests if you’ve seen the show Intervention you know its a different demographic than mugshots. most would agree that someone sympathizing would agreeable identify the obvious. Because

Another Conspiracy Theory Sean?

That’s the thing about researching into any subject matter, there will always be skeptics to some degree. So quite naturally I would have an expectation a certain percentage of people will contest logic or present a superior hypothesis. 

So this is precisely why I proudly present this mountain of evidence. Because we’re here to bury these fools!

“You’re wrong. I’m telling you this for a thousandth, thousand percent, I do not own STLMugshots,”

Edmund Tauk

Founder, STL Mugshots

Field Research Findings of Mr. Edmund Benjamin Tauk

And quite the thorough mountain of research it seems to be! Because this extorting scoundrel was sure to have gotten away with it! That is of course, had it not been for Hacktivist Sean Gugerty and that Meddling lawyer Justin Meehan! Fortunately Karma is a real thing! 😎


August 10, 2018 Email

Discovered a slander website Exact Domain Match to the key phrase “Edmund Tauk” Further investigation revealed it to be owned by the web admin for remove arrests.org. After he mistook our identity, we got this juicy Email! 

“He Took My $3,000 Waaa!”

Because All Scumbags Think alike

Because Watson isn’t the only one cashing in on social signals to gain authority in Google. So Edmund apparently needed a little help boosting his popularity on FaceBook. So he borrowed a police officer and a few dozen Fake Personas. 

Jason Anselman


So Where's Old Boy Get Authority?

That’s a great question to ask because nobody cares about websites that aren’t showing up in search results! Who pray tell, would be so audacious as to backlink this scoundrel? Several unrelated BlackHat purchased sites for PBN!

Edmund Buys Expired Domains To Rank!


Because Noone Likes A Hippocrates

Seems like old boy thinks it’s perfectly fine to pick up a DUI charge or two and slander everyone else for it. Because who cares if you’re messing with people’s livelihood or preventing them from acquiring a job?

Stephanie’s Sugar Daddy Rap Sheet!

Mr. Tauk is No Stranger On Fox 2 News

So Chris Hayes easily concluded Eddy was the man behind the website. Because Fox advertised his slander game back in 2014 .

Good Old Sunshine Laws!

So why exactly does the Regis systemprovide Kyle Prall and Edmund Tauk access to public records before the press? 

Attempts Gag order on Meehan

So this dirtbag puts everyone’s business on front street and what’s he do when questioned? Attempts to censorship!

Not Everyone is a scumbag

Because this site wasn’t created for the purpose of monetizing off the backs of hard working Americans. Quite the contrary, it was so we could neutralize the source of this problem!

This site will end mugshot extortion!

So if you or someone you know has slander or defamation in Google, you’re in the right place!


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