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HB 2191 Ends Mugshot CyberBullying.

Episode XIII

So In a perfect world, HB 2191 Ends Mugshot Cyberbullying altogether! 

However, because many Americans grew up in similar circumstances, we all know how something becomes a law!

Due to none other than School house rock of course!


Sean Gugerty

Mugshot Extortion Podcast Host Sean Gugerty
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I’m Just a bill For Now!

So despite many years since its arbitration, this cartoon has survived in explaining the whole political process of a laws creation. However, just because a happy ending occurred for old bill in the video there is no guarantee of success.

It does look to be somewhat promising however, due to Arizona’s 91 percent bipartisan support of bills according to AZCentral. So none the less, both Right2Remove as well as myself will continue attacking attacking the industry at multiple angles.

So far combating the industry has been quite an uphill battle. Due to no particular attack being a direct killing blow, we’ve attacked the industry from multiple different angles.

For example, in our last week’s podcast, we illuminated successfully demonetizing a major affiliate partner as a result of a legal notice.

So this mugshot prohibition law is very well written and likely to thwart this criminal racket, we cannot be certain!

Additionally, there’s no guarantee HB 2191 will become law, despite nearly 500,000 victims in Maricopa County!

Approximately a week ago, our Operatives launched a top-secret mission called Operation Silent Death.

So with that now coming to fruition, should it proceed as according to plan, several dozen Mugshot Domains could potentially be offline!

Be sure to check out our upcoming podcast episode where we talk about 47 U.S.C. § 230. Section 230(c)(1)!

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