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Podcast 8

Mugshot Removal Adwords


by | Dec 17, 2018 | Podcast | 0 comments

Because apparently all the good  News doesn’t get a mention such as Mugshot Removal Adwords getting KTFO. But we got you covered! 


Sean Gugerty

GOOGLE Fails Delivering News!

So apparently the greatest news Google has had the ability to provide they dropped the ball miserably. However, that’s probably because the one at the ass end of the joke was their punk asses for a change 😂

You’d think due to having a hold on the monetization side of News and media they would have more insight. Unfortunately, because their whole objective was to essentially accomplish the Nazi Burning of the Books equivalent.

Our Reputation Management section provides insight may already be aware of the fact they monetize quite a bit from this niche. So although the keyword Reputation Management is still in play, Mugshot Removal Adwords being taken off the board has this war one closer to mate!

So what’s next on the menu Sean?

I think the next grandaddy target to kick square in the ball bags is Facebook. Despite the chart showing only reflecting 9.72%, because of Watson’s Facebook fan page and thousands of fake accounts, that’s the only way he gets traffic!

Mugshot Removal Adwords demonetized and sean says Facebook is next!
Watson’s criminal enterprise and the amount of traffic he generates is actually quite substantially more than the 9.72% shown. In fact if it wasn’t for the web property he has ranking in my state “Arizona Mugshots” that little snitch bitch wouldn’t be getting ANY traffic lol!

In contrast of this newfound victory, we know all to well that law 15 is an absolute must! Because if you lack to follow such a simple fundamental as Robert Greene’s 15th law.

Mugshot Removal Adwords Crush Your Enemy Totally

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