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Podcast 9

Fraudsters Under Looking


by | Jan 20, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

In Podcast 9, we show the industries ugliness, putting Fraudsters Under Looking Glass and microscope!

So as always, we deliver the ugly truth, because Google  most certainly wont be!

Now, Not only have the Bozos from Florida been caught directly extorting, Kyle Prall gets endicted!

Looking Glass and Back

by Sean Gugerty | Mugshot Extortion | Podcast X


Sean Gugerty

Portrait of Mugshot Extortion Podcast Host Sean Gugerty!

Boy we’ve sure been busy!

So there certainly hasn’t been a dull moment since our last Podcast in which we crippled the industries Google Adwords! Furthermore, we touch base with the fact Kyle Gerald Prall, an Austin Texas Resident was indicted for 20 counts of fraud.

So one of my theories for quite awhile now, was that the Wake Mugshots was owned by Kyle Prall. The reason I initially came to this conclusion was because he seems to have ghosted since 2013.

Due to my recent part in proving Edmund Tauk owned STL Mugshots for Justin Meehan, I noticed his activities in Texas. Due to a Fox 2 News investigation determining two people purchasing early access to records, I knew he was amidst.


Kyle Prall the Jailbird Under Looking Glass1

Kyle Prall can be seen in the picture above on what would be a perceived normal prison yard. However because Kyle Prall is what’s known as a snitch bitch, he’ll need protective custody. The problem is when you smear millions of people, sometimes they make sure there’s a welcoming party on hand.

We wouldn’t expect him to do time alone!

Ok so, I’m not sure the dynamic or if there is or isn’t rivalry, however Jason might be joining him shortly. Trust me, we’re right there with you on this being a great thing as far as the industry is concerned!

Unfortunately, 2 individuals I’ve recently met have discovered, there is never a good reason to confront Watson. Because, a close look at these Fraudsters Under Looking Glass and microscope show a dangerous hacker.

Mr. Watson has recently been discovered with nearly a dozen immediately related to him payload virus ransomware websites.


Fraudsters under Looking Glass Ransomware

So what exactly is ransomware? The attacker essentially tricks you into installing the malware and because you install it your files are encrypted.

Due to needing to decrypt your files to unlock many people are paying the ransom. Such a dick cheese weasel move and very fitting for scum like Jason Watson.

As a result of Jason’s scum baggery, it suddenly becomes very clear. These fraudsters provide mugshots for no legitimate reason.

The important thing to take away from this entire fiasco is this was all made possible because of Google.

Furthermore, not only did Google allow this type of conduct and abuse of their users, they practically hired these people on.

I’m certainly steering towards DuckDuckGo as my search engine of choice moving forward.


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