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Podcast X

Russian Collusion or


by | Feb 1, 2019 | Podcast | 0 comments

In Podcast X, We answer America’s politically divided debate upon whether it was Russian Collusion or Illusion?

Because the bottom line is this America, whether you like it or love it, we speak only the truth!


Sean Gugerty

Podcast Host Sean Gugerty
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We Aren’t on either side of the fence!

So you don’t have to worry about us being foolishly divided on issues and siding with a political party. To be perfectly honest, there has not been a whole lot happening in politics I agree with.

It seems like America is focused on irrelevant issues rather than being concerned about very large ones. So what exactly is the ridiculous issues causing our president to shut down the government?

The Wall

Sure, maybe the wall isn’t going to be effective in the slightest. Furthermore, compared to America’s past fuckups, such as trillions on the Iraq War, 5 billion is a drop in the bucket.

So the fact these democrats with excessive opposition to Donald Trump’s wall are on the dumb shit! Don’t let these idiot democrats fool you because they could give a damn about human rights.


Portrait of Young Billionaire Donald Trump with Meme Quote  | Russian Collusion or Illusion

Because when it comes to contradiction the democrats are pretty much the heavyweight champions. One minute they’ll be a sob story over the atrocities and inhumanities of deporting Mexican’s illegally in the US. 

Black Americans in Prison Infographic

So if they’re so fucking concerned about people then why are several democratic parties in opposition of New York’s Mugshot ban?

Considering 34{cc50721a7618f4e674dec2b49e3026a3970c787f07ca0046a6fa91bbc4626467} of the mail prison population is black Americans, perhaps giving ethnicities a second chance would matter?

Seems like every moron heavy into politics would rather die than focus on the real crucial issue. Because it should be a dead issue in regards to Russian Collusion or Illusion within News Media. 

russian collusion or illusion evidence facebook ad


Obtained from USA Today Online, this is some of the most pathetic and insulting formalities our government has brought us! Because they must think American’s are absolutely retarded! This is what threw the election?

So what exactly am I implicating is relevant? Well, because America is allowing these evil corporations to data mine citizens, people no longer have privacy or free speech.

Furthermore, as far as I’m concerned, corporations can burn to the ground, rather continue to impede upon our people!

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