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SoundCloud Promotes Mugshot Extortion

Episode XI

It seems SoundCloud Promotes Mugshot Extortion, because they banned our Podcast on February 1st, 2019.

It isn’t 100{cc50721a7618f4e674dec2b49e3026a3970c787f07ca0046a6fa91bbc4626467} for certain what this decision was Due to. Because treating your user base like a human being is not the common practice anymore.


by Sean Gugerty | Podcast XI


Sean Gugerty

Mugshot Extortion Podcast Host Sean Gugerty
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I say communism so that you have a general idea and model to base The Corporatocracies hidden motivations and plans. Just because their agenda is hidden however, it is certainly in plain sight. 

Their goal essentially is to alienate people so that they can maintain control of the entire world. Corporations do so by keeping everyone in opposition by utilizing 4 basic mechanisms of control:

During the time our podcast was on the Soundcloud platform there were three different occasions our episodes magically disappeared. So naturally the first time it happened I checked my email and had not received anything from SoundCloud.

Confused as a result of episode four of our podcast disappearing, I submitted a ticket. So it took a few days to receive response which is totally understandable, they have a huge user base.

Finally, I was informed that they couldn’t restore the content because anything deleted by a user was permanently removed. So the first time it happened I couldn’t for 100{cc50721a7618f4e674dec2b49e3026a3970c787f07ca0046a6fa91bbc4626467} certain say that I didn’t make a mistake and accidentally delete it. 

Due to being a total n00b and not backing up episode 4 at this point I was backing up all of my podcasts. So when all of a sudden the episode covering the Gleybis Carrera incident dissappeared, I knew that scandal was occurring.



  • Money and financial slavery through
    employment and interest loans.
  • Religion Atheism/Agnosticism.
  • Racial / Ethnic differences.
  • Politics and government.

Corporatocracy: /ˌkôrpərəˈtäkrəsē/
is a modern society or system that is governed or controlled by corporations.

Then a 3rd Time!

So after replacing the prior episode and then having another one drop out of existence I knew something was up.

I was very much hoping they wouldn’t ban me because in all honesty I was 2000 words into a Guest blog.

The guest blog I’m writing is on SEMRush for a nice backlink so it sucks I’m going to have to redo it.

Because I’ll be damned before I give attributions to a conglomerate piece of trash that would cater to parasites.

So they abruptly end my podcast, (Futhermore treated me like a piece of garbage like most platforms do when kicking you off!) and didn’t even give me a chance to get all my episode cover artwork.

Due to how poorly they treated me due to their suspension, their close affiliation to Google is evident. 



Not only does Soundcloud Promote Mugshot Extortion, Jason Watson spam reports for censorship

Mr. No Content lies and cries, Snitchey Bitchey!

Jason Watson can be seen in his mugshot as a result for his first DUI. Mr. Watson is no stranger to the law and furthermore has a criminal computer tampering charge as well.

So I suppose the plus side from this whole experience is that now I learned the ideal way to in WordPress podcast.

No worries, just because Soundcloud Promotes Mugshot Extortion doesn’t mean it sets us back even slightly! 

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