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The Path CollectionA special thanks to the lovely Leslie Lakes, because the Path Collection wouldn’t exist without her! Leslie herself is an artist who founded PATH as a result ofher introduction to incarcerated art.Her introduction to inmate art was as a result from attending the Fifth Annual Inmate Art Auction. Upon receiving her won auctions of art in the mail, she was impressed by the skill. Because inmates have such limited resources at their disposal, they must be innovative.Two Points of View, Same Conclusion!Much like Leslie, I too have an appreciation for inmate art, however my initial exposure was because I was in prison. Some of the most brilliant minded individuals I have ever met were as a result of my stay in the pen. Sure, there was a lot of evil people on the inside of coarse.Whether art comes from the hands of a killer, or a Harvard graduate has no merit to it’s quality. Because Leslie is an artist herself, the quality of her chosen works shows in the Path Collection.In fact, some of the most evil and sinister individuals I have encountered chances are wont ever goto prison. Whether evil or good, as a result of it’s chaotic environment, prison is a breeding ground for brilliance. When I came to prison I prided myself on being a very intelligent individual, with a vicious Chess game. It took about 8 months, but I finally met my match.A chicano who went by “Ghost” handed me my ass with scotch opening, and didn’t even know wtf Fide was! Like most at the highest level amongst the elite he had etiquette and thanked me for a good match! Ghost and I became friends before long. It was because of his crew I was exposed to some of the most beautiful art I’d ever seen.These Mexican Americans could make the most brilliant things from nothing! Some of those men whether right or wrong will be there for many more years to come. So knowing that because of people like leslie giving them exposure, the Path Collection warms my heart. ❤️
PATH Collection - Barn drawing Graphite by Ben Howard
PATH Collection - Pastel Drawing of Flamingos Uvaldo Nevarez
PATH Collection - Panda Bear Eating Bamboo by Joseph Miller
PATH Collection - Beatles on Parade By Thomas Schlik
PATH Collection - Leave The Light On I'll Be Home Soon Victor Garcia
PATH Collection - Fantasia Artist Uknown
PATH Collection - In The Light of the Silvery Moon by David M Shaw SR
PATH Collection - Unrideable by Coleman Pannell
PATH Collection - Eichler House Ben Howard
Whammo Sammo Texas Black Horse PATH Collection
PATH Collection - Two Tigers by Savino Ramos
PATH Collection - Cheetahs on the Serengeti Plains by Victor Garcia
PATH Collection - Buck By Joseph Owen Graphite on Bristol Paper
PATH Collection - Beauty and the Beach by Manuel R Sanchez
PATH Collection - Endangered Cormorants Jack L Morris
PATH Collection - Fox In The Woods by Sterling
PATH Collection - Woodpecker by Andres Cabrera-Cabrera Jr
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