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Top 10 Prison
Artwork Coalition

We made a Top 10 Prison Artwork Coalition collection due to the fact we haven’t posted artwork in awhile. Shout out to PAC they travel all over the country as well as other  countries because the love art!

Furthermore, any group or entity that shows these individuals in the correctional system is a friend of ours. So if you haven’t already seen their vast collection of amazing  prison artwork, you definitely need to!

So If you’re a lover of artwork made by talented individuals with limited resources, you’re in for a treat!

Lady Gaga Fallen Angel in Enchanted Swamp by Angelmont

So generally speaking the best practice most would say is to save the best for last. However, because I just ignore most people and do what seems natural, here’s the best of lot! 

Lady Gaga sits atop an enchanting pool of water in what’s probably The Garden of Eden. Prison Coalition’s website states their art is a mixture of former Prison inmates and current ones. 

So If I come to find out this was made with prison paint, this will be the best I’ve ever seen! Furthermore, Angelmont did such a superior job Google image search facially recognized it as her!

Classic Grayscale Marilyn Monroe by Cris Leggett
BOOM by Bradley Lucero Top 10 Prison Artwork Coalition
You can never save them all by D. Ashton
Beta Blue Gonna Kill you by Lesley Rae
Pink Palm Trees Bloody Faced Malibu Vixen by W.B. Livingston III
White Tiger Wet Pond Daniel Owens
Aliens like to eat elves it seems

Now that’s a sight for elven eyes! Because mine could use a nap, his are probably fine. Because dead people don’t need glassed.

Last Man Standing Bloody Masked Samurai W.B. Livingston III
Scintillating colors by Michael Orrell

Nobody is perfect right?

Due to poor choices I’ve made in my life, similar to these amazing artists I went to prison. Just because I will go out of my way never to go back, certainly doesn’t mean their wasn’t a take away.

Because I’ve always excelled at everything I’ve done in life I never truly had to be very resourceful.

Up until going to prison for selling drugs, I never had to work with anything but the best of tools. So I ended up learning two big life lessons I learn.

If you ascend the highest mountains and challenges life throws at you, you’ll have learned these two lessons as a result.


Due to poor life choices  I had to suffer through prison. I thought I could cheat the system and be an exception to the rule, so that was a stupid move. 😂 Furthermore, I learned not to be in a rush to become a millionaire. Because trust me, you don’t want to be in the penalty box!

When There’s a Will, There’s a Way:

So when I first arrived after county jail and classification I had no idea just how resourceful people can be. Furthermore how resourceful I could be with a little bit of reinforced and calculated thoughts.

Due to seeing first hand what little is allowed an inmate, I know their resourcefulness and ingenuity to be simply amazing! Because you’ll want to learn from their mistakes, rather than having to make them yourself. So I hope you enjoyed viewing my favorite Top 10 Prison Artwork Coalition, be sure to visit

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