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Mugshot Extortionist Edmund Tauk Owns STL Mugshots

This article aims to inform the public because if you didn't know Mugshot Extortionist Edmund Tauk Owns STL Mugshots.
Blondie Kisses Edmund Tauk Goodbye
Blondie Pregnant With Edmund Tauk's Child
Edmund Tauk AKA Osama Rammaha
Edmund Tauk Drinking Alongside  Nabil Tauk
Blondie Has Edmund Tauk's Balls In Her Purse

Is Edmund Tauk A Jihadist Extremist or Mugshot Extortionist?

To clarify so the world knows, Edmund Tauk owns the website STL Mugshots. He’s not the only mugshot extortionist, but because of his alias account names, he’s potentially the most racist.

The’re quite a few others under normal circumstances that co-align to some degree. So the revolving door of prison thrives even more thanks to these extortionists! Recently, because of one reason or another he allegedly made a bad exchange trading with the site owner of Arrestreport. So unfortunate that we currently don’t have a full name for the gentlemen like we do for  Jason Joseph Watson. Mr. Edmund Tauk,  quite the contribution you’ve made for your future child so they can grow up in a world of with more incarceration! Because you’ve never made any mistakes like perhaps a DUI right? Clean record for sure!

Edmund Tauk About To Have A Child While Extorting Other Kids.

 Furthermore, your child will be perfect and won’t make mistakes!

Because two of the kids in this image were arrested for shoplifting. So you don’t have to worry about someone taking you for 3 grand and not removing their mugshot!

You know, like you did too good old dip S**t Dylan? Stealing candy bars from a store. These kids deserve having their future ruined right?

Better yet, those parents should have known better than to raise anything that wasn’t perfect from day 1one right Edmund Tauk?

So naturally the easiest way to not be as horrible parent as Jason Watson is achieved with one simple principle.

Due to the dangerous dynamic of this job quite naturally it is very risky. Because you never know who might be upset in this job.

For all of you, Freedom of Speech advocates let me ask you this.

Because I understand that it’s the first amendment of the constitution. Because your mouth starts running, however, I bet you forget about the other 26 Amendments! Good old  Mr. Edmund Tauk! How about that right to privacy? Because I bet your ass wishes you had some of that right about now huh?

I used to do a very dangerous job just like you, so I can certainly relate to the severity of your situation. However, because of the off chance you’re on some little cloud in your own world, I’ll size it up.

I used to sell a very substantial amount of drugs. I didn’t sell to kids, because that’s wrong! They certainly tried to buy off me but because that kid was someone’s son or daughter I didn’t. It’s not something to be proud of rather expected!

Did everyone solid, never burned anyone, but still it didn’t stop evil people from attempting evil things. I certainly did wake up one morning to two home invaders with guns that brought some plastic wrap, and handcuffs. Their intention was to torture me until I told them where my drugs were, then they were gonna kill me.

Is that the kind of environment you want to show up uninvited Edmund Tauk? Because you might want to pull your head out of your ass bro, money isn’t everything player.

Because I had PLENTY of money in prison! When I wanted nothing more than to just be home with family, have my mom or sister give me a hug. Not traumatized because I had to step over someone that just got stabbed 8 times and act like everything is ok. Because if I didn’t I I wouldn’t get to eat, and they’d kill me!

Some people have been through what I have and still maintain being a good person. but eventually, big man, everyone’s luck runs out! There are some ruthless, scary individuals I had live with for 2 years! you don’t want to those people near them bro! They’re dangerous!

Gold Digger

ɡōld ˈdiɡər/ noun informal.

a person who dates others purely to extract money from them, in particular a woman who strives to marry a wealthy man.

The Challenge

Monetize a new beginning, not these old criminalistic methods. It is more difficult to make ends than what you’re doing, but oh well! They got RSS aggregation for porn boss, and that stuff sells. You have endless possibilities! Opportunities that come with zero risks to your well being and health!

The Solution

VLearn a new demographic audience to target and a profitable niche you would enjoy.

Because having your kids growing up in a normal environment is nice! They got enough issues on their own than need our burdens on top!

If you change your occupation your kids will grow up in a normal household, and you wont be looking over your shoulder.

You could make this a million other ways. Why would you risk everything regardless of how much it is when in the end it’s worthless?


of the time people are Pu**ies, and will let you get away with anything. But what about that...


With 365 days in a year, that 1 percent eventually will call you on what your doing.

There is still time to change your ways, every day that we wake up and are alive is a new day. Because you don’t want to end up in prison brotha.

You certainly don’t want to end up in such a place. They wouldn’t be very nice to someone in your line of work, and that’s saying it nicely.

You’re going to do whatever it is you will, so if my words fell on deaf ears that’s’  what it is.

Best of luck sir, this industry is going to get a lot rougher with me in it lol!

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