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I learned the importance of Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding painfully! So If I can spare anyone out there reading this DIY reputation management guide from the same hardship I will!

DO NOT under any circumstances make the same mistake I did by engaging your slanderer! If you remember in the previous part of this Reputation Management we learned not to engage our attacker.

Because Reputation Management is several times more difficult when you have an active attacker. So, as much as I hate to give the scoundrel credit, I always give credit where credit’s due.

Because with my former past as a merchant level drug dealer, I thought I’d seen it all!. So, despite experiencing every excuse, scam, and hustle in the playbook of junkies, Jason Watson is a whole new animal!

Because by the time these mugshot extorters get around to dealing with you, they’ve done their homework! At first I was shocked because my attacker acted like he had never encountered opposition until me!

Too Scared or Too Stupid

Unfortunately, the majority of felons I did time with are to busy using the revolving door of prison to care about reputation management!ūüėā Furthermore, anyone that they victimize with a valuable placement in society scares easy!

The calculated criminality of these individuals is shocking! Is say this Because Mr. Watson actually purchased web property in my name from the very beginning!

This is why I strongly suggest everyone purchase your DNS Registry for you and your children’s names. I definitely wouldn’t make the father of the year so normally I don’t give parenting advice!

However, in BabyCentre’s article, they strongly advise registering your baby’s name as a domain name. I really hope you do!

Even if you’re not yet planning on making a website anytime soon, it serves as a preventative. I bet the parents of this child wish they had!

Fortification With Web Property Hoarding - Full Address and DOB Exposed
An inner-city crime boss? I think not!
He was smoking pot at a friends house. His Full address is in Google and his entire page 1 is demolished with slander!
While an unranked domain wouldn’t prevent this, it’s the only way this mess will get cleaned up now! It’s crazy how moral lacking extortionists are!
Because when I grew up, punishment for smoking pot was a ride home from a cop. Perhaps maybe a scolding when the officer dropped us off. So much for the good old days lol!
So reputation management is that easy then? Just buy a domain and everything is protected?
Absolutely not by any far stretch of your imagination. Because Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding is a process that takes time and practice.
Furthermore, it is also a lifelong process like changing the oil in your car.
(but with more frequency!)

Conclusion? Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding!

Sure, buying the domain is essential, and way more ahead of the average person’s preparation planning.

However, because I want to prevent you from having to play a game of catchup with these scoundrels I insist!

Furthermore, I highly suggest creating content online to build rank and personal brand authority!

Because battling against someone with your name for a domain sucks! So, now knowing our plan for Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding needs our interaction what now?

What if nothing comes to mind as far as what to create content for?

  Cooking Blogs have always been  popular and always will be! Because If American's are consistant about anything, we love to eat! Never stop doing so! 
Because when it comes to opinions, everyone seems to have one. Reviewing products  or restaurants is effective for building engagement
They say a picture is worth 1000 words! If you like photography whether it's pointless selfies or ansel adams quality landscapes media gains audience!

Outranking Reputation Harming Content

The biggest trouble that we face when we’re up against a slanderer or business rival is their superior authority and ranking. The great thing about Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding s your not utilizing one orphaned website.(An orphan site is one in which has no other websites pointing at it with a link.)

Backlinks are considered to be the most important Search Engine Optimization ranking factor amongst the best in the industry. Gurus such as Neil Patel focus many of their articles and video uploads on obtaining them.

It makes sense when you really think about it because backlinks are the most human controlled dynamic of SEO. Sure, some sheisty monetization and it is a small elitest click dominantly controlling the fate of the internet world.

So despite social signals and backlinks being perceived as 2 different things they are one in the same. Because at the end of the day, it is a system in which people make the executive decisions of backlinks.

Yes, there are instances where black hat technique is implimented and ill gotten, but their is the classic quote. “In the end, cheaters never win.” Rest assured whether or not your aggressor is a mugshot extortionist or a rival competitor , they’re beatable always!

You see the reason you’re going to win this fight is due to their biggest vulnerability. Because these scoundrels are lazy!

Any parasitic individual monetizing from extortion and harming individuals is both selfish and lazy. So if you avoid smashing them in a rage numerous times like I did, this should be a snap!

He Relies On Automation, So You Deliver Content Rich Domination!

If you are unfamiliar with Alexa Rank, it is a ranking system for Google scaled from 1-30 Million.

As it stands, there are over a billion websites, but only 30 million are deemed important enough for indexing.

(That and many don’t want to be visible.) Social media platforms are often overlooked when in terms of ranking their business. The majority of the top authority domains are social profiles!

Domain Name World Ranking
Google Inc Rank 1
YouTube Rank 2
Facebook Rank 3
Baidu Rank 4
Wikipedia Rank 5
Reddit Rank 6
Yahoo Rank 7
Google India Rank 8
Tencent QQ Rank 9
Amazon Rank 10

The fact that the majority of high ranking domains are social platforms works to our advantage. This is because we can gain control of these powerful domains!

So when you look at a social profile, look at it like a piece on a chessboard that can be used tactfully. In Chess, the person who generally wins is who utilizes all their pieces in unison!

How many Social Profiles Should You Have?

Google does not always allow social profiles and Youtube videos to be used for every search query/term within its index.

This is because some search terms Google profits by selling the keyword/query through their Adwords adverting. However, in the case of your name, it’s game on for social profiles, as nobody is bidding on your name!

So, therefore, the Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding strategy, the more social profiles you use, the better! Here is a massive list of social platforms I found on Wikipedia.

Google typically only has a maximum of 100-150 search results for a given keyword or search query term. So Our goal is to rank and control the bulk of the domains and properties for the keyword, in this case, our name.

Because by doing so, we will then control what is shown and available to the general public within the search results!

Owning The Web Property Is Ideal.

Any website that you own, naturally you have complete control over, and its content is much more difficult to have removed by an attacker.

I’ve had my online stalker get my content removed with false DMCA claims for instance. So the idea is to have our website 1st in the search results.

However, ranking our web domain will take time. While a domain is gaining authority and ranking from backlinks, we should focus on social platforms. Furthermore, our goal is to take up the entire first page of a search engine.

Since each domain address can only at the most take up two spots, use several to execute Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding!

What I mean is, say for instance you just created a domain. Because it hasn’t even been indexed it isn’t capable of immediately ranking within search results.

You can, however, create a Twitter profile, and have it at the top of search results within a few hours!¬†Youtube and Facebook being placed at the top of Alexa you’d think they’d be the quickest to index in Google. However, this isn’t the case.

Eventually, these platforms will play a substantial role in our longterm Fortification Using Web Property Hoarding.

However, these aren’t the quickest to be indexed. For some reason, the two I have found to index into Google the quickest is Twitter and using a free WordPress subdomain.

Multiple Users One Property

During your reputation management research, you might encounter fake profiles intended for slander.

Should you choose to outrank the profile itself rather it results in search results. Google will typically only index 1, and at the most 2 social profiles.

So outranking the profile within the platform quite often is an effective technique! So What exactly determines who wins the race for getting indexed?

Example Scenario

Say a dozen or so companies get into a skirmish over the keyword “dog toys” what will determine a winner? Certain varying rank factors, social signals, and traffic quantity are used in determining a winner.

These Social Signals differ from platform to platform (Likes, Favorites, Pins, Reblogs, etc).

The biggest determining factors used to calculate a profile’s strength are called social signals.

The strongest signal on Twitter, for example, would be Retweets. So if one of the users has more pieces of content and more retweets than the other competitors, their augmentation will make them the winner!

Once that battle has been won the next question, someone, one conducting reputation management would ask is where it places on Google?

There are about 200 theorized ranking factors of Google. These factors are determined as a result of Google’s algorithm.

One thing is for certain, the amount of social responses on a particular keyword plays a huge role!

This is exactly why often times extortionists will harbor 1000s of accounts on several different social platforms.

with this black hat tactic, they are able to slander targets and index their hateful messages

Optimizing Your Website’s and Social Profiles

The final thing we’ll cover in part II is ensuring our social profiles, and content we uploaded to them is optimized.

I found this helpful article off Forbes.com magazine’s website and recently produced a video on Twitter’s optimization.

I certainly hope these Free reputation Management guides and this article Fortification Using Web Propery Hoarding was helpful! Don’t miss out on part III!

Desktop Users, An absolutely Must Have Tool

I know suspense always gets to me as well so you’re not alone haha!

Many of you quite possibly have ever typed SEO in google because before internet marketing I never did! But MOZ, is the leader in the niche of Search Engine Optimization.

I’m an SEO Specialist¬†and just so you know Rand has the absolute best mind and is pure brilliance in terms of ranking! So make certain you utilize the powerful Google Chrome Extension called the MOZBar.

Part III¬† will be available soon which will cover some more advanced dynamics in terms of ranking. Subscribe to our Newsletter and be sure you don’t miss it when It’s releasedf!



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